Foxy FNAF (Blender+SFM)

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Fan version of Foxy from Five Nights at Freddy's, fully prepared for animation in Blender and SFM!

You'll get:

1) Blender file

2) Substance Painter file for the character and her clothes

3) SFM version

You can evaluate the quality of my work by downloading a free sample;

The file in GLB format can be opened using the Windows 3D viewer and 3D Paint.



1) There is an SFW version

2) Huge possibilities for customizing Foxy’s body. You can choose between the regular and robot versions.

3) Robotic arms and legs have 4 degrees of damage:

1. New

2. Damaged fur through holes in which the metal frame is visible

3. Damaged fur on the knees, shoulders and legs through which metal is visible

4. Metal frame

5. Robotic joints and drives of arms and legs without a metal frame

4) 2 hooks available: The first one Foxy can hold in his hand, and the second one,

like the original Foxy, is used instead of her hand.

5) Clothes: Pirate hat, Pierced ears, eyebrows and nose, Bandana, Decorative scarf with an amulet on the neck,

Butterfly collar, Shirt with corset, Belt, Pirate saber, Shorts, Pirate boots, Two hooks

6) Two eye options: original and HD version made using the TinEye plugin

7) Adjustment of body proportions.

8) The model is fully prepared for the use of Subdivision.

Substance Painter file:

The file includes all the textures of Foxy and her clothes, now you can make changes to her appearance. (The file weighs almost 3GB)


1) Works with redeye's universal rig

2) Also includes her clothing

3) For any questions regarding the port, please contact us here:

Banner image made by Xaz3D


-Can I make paid content with the model?

Only if you give me credits for the model.

-Can I re-upload the model?

No, you cannot re-upload the model on any page.

-Can I commission an animator to make me an animation with this model?

Of course.

-Can I modify the model?

For your personal use only, you cannot upload or share modified versions of this model.

-If you have more questions, contact me!

Please do not make public.
Please do not redistribute.

Copyright © MayoSplash. Product cannot be published on Steam



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Foxy from FNAF!

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Foxy FNAF (Blender+SFM)

22 ratings
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